Simone Valentini

Machine Learning

Since I was a boy I have been ver interested to artificial intelligence. In the last years I have been able to deal with machine learning in the telecommunication field. I have read and studied more than I ever did: informatica teorica, intelligenza artificiale, pattern recognition, rete neurali, decision tree, random forest, recurrent/convolutional neural networks, deep learning, regression, classification, logistic, bootstrap, bagging, kmeans, principal component analysis, gaussian mixture, support vector machine, Markov models, naive bayes, matlab, Python, tensor flow, sklearn, numpy, Java, C++, Perl, SQL, android studio, Linux programming e system administration, Scala,  Spark, Zeppelin, Arcadia, QliView, Cassandra, Hadhoop, Amazon S3, sw containers, virtual machines e network security. In ambito lavorativo sto cercando di applicare quanto studiato alle telecomunicazioni in ambito del care analytics, preventive throuleshoting, cognitive networks e self aware networks.

“None a day without a line”, Plinio il Vecchio